Welcome ! : Images from the past (historical) in digital format intended for professional use, publishers and press related industries
Caricadoc is for professionals in the publishing (mainly school text books) and press industries, and specializing in digitalized images of caricatures, cartoons, illustrations, drawings, illustrated postcards and images of a political, propaganda, humorous and satirical nature and from documents published between 1830 and 1950 mainly from France but also from Europe (including URSS) and Asia…all themes are based around political, social and cultural events.
Contact G u i l l a u m e    D o i z y by email or telephone : 0617205257  (France)

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Property rights, copyright and ownership, what we ensure :  Caricadoc supplies high resolution digital images and not copyright ( with some exceptions). We are legally bound to notify our clients of the details concerning each illustration that we sell : 1 / Those within the public domain (free from any property rights or legal jurisdiction ; (thus no authorization required for publication, although moral rights relating to the image must be respected) ; 2 / Images not within the public domain, their copyright status or those governed by the ADAGP unknown, or illustrators who remain anonymous or unknown and for whom it is impossible to obtain reproduction rights, while waiting for eventual rights holders to let themselves be known; 3 / Drawings submitted by illustrators that are under the ADAGP legislation. For the moment, our catalogue contains no work from illustrators handled by the ADAGP.
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Our catalogue, your search : you will find the images that are of interest by perusing the galleries (the list and links are on the right and listed in alphabetical order). The graphic files that we provide are grouped either by theme, personality or subject matter.
You can also submit a request for an image by placing a word search in the « search » field (below) from which the result obtained will automatically lead you to all the galleries containing that word (if it is mentioned within the galleries contents) and as opposed to selecting a particular image. A gallery is comprised of between 5 and 500 images. The catalogue is under construction. It already contains more than 30 500 on-line vignettes.
To order an image, just copy the name of the image (right click) or copy the image and send it to us with it’s associated gallery title (contact button). Caricadoc and partners possess the originals of all the drawings that are available from our catalogue.

Welcome ! : Images from the past (historical) in digital format intended for professional use, publishers and press related industries
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